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Missouri Mom Rachel Koechner Allegedly Fabricated Abduction Story

Rachel Koechner and her daughter Zoee Sander were reported missing last Thursday night. Police believed that they were with her ex-husband, Devon Sandner, 37, and their safety was in question because Sander has a domestic violence history. All three were located Monday night at 10 pm and no one was injured, according to Chariton County Sheriff Chris Hughes.

Koechner is now being held at Chariton County Jail pending charges for allegedly making up the abudction.

"Through investigation police learned she fabricated the (abduction) story," Hughes said.

He said that Sandner, who is the girl's father, was not charged, but was taken into custody for an outstanding forgery warrant. Prosecutors said he wrote five bad checks on another man's account in August. 

4-year-old Zoee was placed in state custody.

Police began to fear for the safety of the mother and child when Koecher called her current boyfriend from a motel in Kansas City Monday.

"She called her boyfriend and said everything is OK, but it sounded like she was reading off a script," Hughes said. 

He called the front desk of the hotel later and a worker handed the phone to Koechner, who was already standing at the check-out desk.

"She said she couldn't talk now," he said. "I asked if she was OK, and she said, 'No.'"

By the time police arrived at the hotel, she was already gone.

Her mother reported her missing on Thursday after her boyfriend received a text from her that simply said, "help me."

Koechner filed for divorce from Sandner in August, after receiving a protection from aust order against him. They divorced in November.

Sandner was charged with third-degree domestic assault in January when a new girlfriend told police he struck her in the face at the Chillicothe Hotel.

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