Missouri Mom Pulls Gun On Teenagers Who Threatened Son (Video)


Tracy Leeser reportedly pointed a handgun at a group of teenagers in a park in Missouri after they threatened her 15-year-old son on Aug. 26 (video below).

In video footage of the event, Tracy and her husband Don can be seen at Fleet Park in St. Charles County, Missouri. Don is holding a baseball bat.

The Leesers had apparently arrived at the park after getting a text that their son was about to get attacked by several other teen boys.

“Get the f--- away from my kid, you motherf-----,” Tracy says.

One of the boys then begins yelling.

“You don’t know s---,” the boy says. “Your son’s gonna get his a-- beat right now, I’ll beat your son’s a-- right now.”

Suddenly, Tracy pulls a gun from her shorts and points it at the teenagers. One boy demands that she shoot him, while another discourages her from shooting at all.

When Tracy demands that one of the teens back up, he replies that she should back up. He argues she’s the one who arrived armed to combat 17-year-old boys.

Police were eventually called to the park to break up the fight.

Later, Tracy reported she had brought the gun to protect herself and did not intend to use it on the teenagers. She noted that it was her only safeguard against being killed that day.

Although no arrests were made, the parents of the teen boys hope that will change. Christina Halton, the mother of two of the teens in the video, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that if the Leesers aren’t charged then police won’t be setting a good example for local children.

Video footage of the event was later uploaded to YouTube.

Sources: Daily Mail, St. Louis Post-Dispatch / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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