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Missouri Man On The Run After Assaulting His 95-Year-Old Grandma

Lincoln County, Nebraska police are searching for a man who looks to have assaulted his 95-year-old grandmother on Monday.

The man is identified as 27-year-old Mark Christopher Kerpash. He has a history of violence and drug use.

According to police, Kerpash went to his grandmother’s house on Monday asking for money. The grandmother agreed to write him a check, but apparently she didn’t do so quickly enough. Kerpash became enraged and punched his grandmother in the face. He proceeded to hold her on the ground and threaten her.

He then fled the home and was picked up in a vehicle believed to be driven by his girlfriend. The two left the scene before police could arrive. Police are still searching for the man today. In the meantime, paper work has been filed to charge Kerpash with felony elder abuse.

Though she is in stable condition, the grandmother suffered serious injuries from the attack. As of Tuesday, she was having trouble walking and was severely bruised. 

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 90% of abusers in elderly abuse cases are family members.

Sources: NY Daily News, St. Louis Today, Department of Health and Human Services


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