Armed Homeowner Surprises Burglary Suspects (Video)

A Missouri man recently surprised a pair of suspected burglars when he showed up at his property with a pistol and held the two at gunpoint until police arrived. 

Arthur Lindsay, of Windsor, told KDAF News in a videotaped interview (shown below) that his house had recently burned to the ground. That was hard enough, he said, but then someone stole some belongings out of his shed. 

“Man I just couldn’t believe it,” Lindsay said. “I mean who would kick a man while he’s already down?”

The Missouri widower said the thieves made off with his old dining room chairs, a mountain bike, a laptop computer and more. And, he said, it appeared they had arranged stuff in the shed so they could come back and quickly grab other items. 

So, Lindsay said, he put together a plan. 

“I put a web cam in a window across the street at my daughter’s place where I’m staying, and I caught them pulling up to my property with a truck and stealing my stuff again,” he said.

He approached the duo he suspected of having robbed him once before, but with a .38 caliber pistol in his hand. 

“I told them both to stop, put up their hands and get to the ground,” Lindsay said. “I then called 911.”

“They weren’t really scared,” he said. “They were just like, ‘Oh, s***,’ when I walked across the street with my gun and saw them running around my garage.”

He held them at gunpoint until Henry County Sheriff’s Deputy Tyler Weeks arrived. 

Weeks told WDAF that Lindsay did everything he could given the situation.

“It’s justice man. You know I would say karma will come back around and get you. I love it, good for him,” Weeks said. 

The suspects have been identified as 35-year-old John Woodard and 31-year-old Mariah Veach-Gates. They were both arrested on burglary and trespassing charges and were last reported being held on $10,000 bonds at the Henry County Jail. 

Lindsay said he still can’t believe it happened.

“You don’t think people are going to steal from you after a fire,” he said. 

And that was likely just what an Ardmore, Oklahoma, man was thinking last year after thieves entered  his burned-out home and took some belongings. 

Home owner Bob Caldwell echoed the same sentiments as Lindsay.

"It's been a pretty big blow, you know … they kicked me while I was down,” he told KXII News at the time.

Although Caldwell said he did place a camera nearby to try and gather evidence should the suspected thieves return, it was never reported if a suspect was caught. 

Sources: WDAF News, YouTube, KXII News

Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube


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