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Missouri Man Charged With First-Degree Murder Of 6-Year-Old Girl

A Missouri man, who used snacks to lure a 6-year-old girl into his motel room and then proceeded to strangle her to death, has been charged with first-degree murder, Fox News reports.

John P. Roberts, 55, is currently in jail and being held without bond after he murdered Jasmine Miller in a Branson, Missouri, motel room.

The girl’s body was discovered Saturday under the bed in the Windsor Inn room where Roberts was believed to be staying alone. Police found her after receiving a lost child report.

Taney County Prosecutor Jeffrey Merrell said that the girl’s family was staying in the motel temporarily.

Paul Dubois, 36, whose daughter is a friend of the victim, is organizing a candlelight vigil. Dubois said that he recalled his first time meeting Miller at a birthday party for his daughter.

Miller approached Dubois, who is battling a brain tumor and cancer, when she noticed that he couldn't push the children on the park swings.

“She hugged me and said it doesn’t matter the fact that I can’t do what other parents can do,” Dubois said.

Tammy Meyer, a Windsor Inn resident, spoke highly of Miller as well.

“She was just a doll,” Meyer said. “I think I can speak for everyone here. We are in shock.”  

Source: Fox News / Photo Credit: Fox2News


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