Missouri Man Allegedly Throws Woman's Dog Out Window After Rejection


Missouri man William Rabourn was spurned by a young woman. He responded to the rejection by throwing her small dog out of a third-floor window, according to police.

The young woman, Gabriel Ervie, and Rabourn were riding on a bus together when Rabourn reportedly made sexual advances and Ervie rejected him. When the bus stopped at a gas station, Rabourn was forced to get off and unable to return on the same bus.

Later that night, Rabourn left a threatening message on Ervie’s phone.

“I’m about to f**k your life up forever,” Rabourn said.

The 23-year-old allegedly kicked down Ervie’s apartment door and grabbed her maltipoo puppy, then threw the dog over his head out of a hallway window. At that point, Rabourn fled the scene, according to a neighbor who oversaw the incident.

The witness immediately called 911.

Police found the dog lying dead on the walkway, 46 feet away from Evie’s apartment complex.

According to Ervie’s mother, Debbie, she and the family are devastated by the loss. Debbie noted that her daughter is too distressed to discuss the matter.

Though Rabourn doesn’t have a criminal record, prosecutors insisted that he’s now a threat to the community.

“Given the senseless killing of a defenseless animal, the cruelty shown towards the victim, the violation of a residence,” prosecutors wrote, “[the] defendant has shown a kind of erratic and violent behavior that makes him dangerous to this community."

Rabourn was arrested near Missouri State University and faces charges of burglary and animal theft. He posted $15,000 bail and was released from jail on Tuesday.

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Sources: NY Daily News, News Leader


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