15-Year-Old Caught On Video Violently Beating Teacher Is Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison (Video)


A Missouri judge sentenced a 15-year-old student to 10 years in prison Wednesday for beating his 42-year-old teacher. 

Judge Mark Neill said that he noted the teen’s relatively young age when considering the sentence, but ultimately decided the teen had committed an adult crime and deserved an adult’s punishment.

Kevin Straub was a student at the St. Louis Innovative Concept Academy, a so-called last chance school for students who are at risk of entering the juvenile court system, according to KMOV. The teen was reportedly serving an in-school suspension and being monitored by the victim at the time of the May 2013 attack. 

The violent assault was caught on video. In it Straub is seen delivering a number of violent blows to the teacher’s head and knocking him against a desk before it is pushed aside and the two move out of the camera’s view.

The teacher, who went unnamed in subsequent reports of the incident, suffered a stroke as a result of the beating and doctors are still monitoring him to determine if he will lose sight in one eye.

Straub was charged with second-degree assault in June 2013. 

“It absolutely was a brutal crime and it happened in a school which is so troubling about the whole thing,” Prosecutor Jeffrey Ernst told KTVI Wednesday. 

The victim’s mother and mother-in-law both attended the sentencing. They asked not be identified in news reports. 

The teacher’s mother said Straub “should be put away someplace where he won’t hurt anyone else.”

But both women expressed hope that Straub can find some support and help while in prison.

“I hope that he gets the help he needs while he’s in there because he’s young,” the victim’s mother-in-law said. 

Sources: KMOVKTVI / Photo Credit: KTVI


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