Missouri High School Elects Transgender Homecoming Queen


When Oak Park High School in Kansas City, Missouri, crowned Landon Patterson as the homecoming queen during the school's football game, she could not believe it.

Patterson, a high school senior, came out as transgender last year and was thrilled to make history.

“Going in, I didn't know what to expect,” the 17-year-old told Fox 4 KC.

“I've dreamt about it, freshmen year like 'oh I wanna be that girl out there walking,'” she said.

Patterson, who was born male, said that she has identified as a girl for as long as she can remember. Patterson fully transitioned this year.

“When I came out as trans I was so afraid that I was expecting a lot of hate, but surprisingly there wasn’t much at all,” she told BuzzFeed News. “There was some here and there but it was stuff that was never said to my face."

She said that her fellow students voting for her made her feel accepted and loved.

“I was so excited that my peers felt so accepting of me and excited that I was making history for the trans/LGBT community," she said.

Her fairy tale moment went without a hitch.

"Right now, I feel complete," she said. "I feel like that princess."

Patterson is still celebrating and hopes to keep making history and shattering barriers throughout her life. But most importantly, she just wants to be happy.

She told BuzzFeed News:

Life is too short to try and please others.

So be yourself and rock it with confidence. Confidence will take you a long way when you’re different. It will let people know you’re sure of yourself and that is a very hard thing to be.

So do what your heart wants and rock it out. We aren’t given enough time so it’s important we do what makes us happy.

Sources: Fox 4 KC, BuzzFeed News
Photo Credit: Megan Brilley/Twitter, Landon Patterson via BuzzFeed News


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