Missouri Girl Dies of Single Gunshot To The Head In Target Shooting Accident

A man killed his 4-year-old girl while target shooting in southwest Missouri, officials say.

The shooting happened Monday afternoon, south of Rogersville. The 24-year-old man fired a .22-caliber rifle when the girl walked into his path of fire. The girl was struck in the head. The incident was an accident, according to officials.

“The position he was shooting from — his vision was blacked to his right — and a visiting 4 year old girl walked into the path of fire and he shot her in the head,” Christian County Sheriff Joey Kyle told the Springfield News-Leader.

The girl was taken to a Springfield hospital but died as a result of the single gunshot wound.

Kyle says the man who shot the girl was arrested on an outstanding warrant. He will be held at the Christian County jail in Ozark as deputies investigate the shooting.

“We investigate them as a crime until we can determine otherwise,” Kyle said. “We’ll present our findings to the prosecutor [Amy Fite] and she’ll make a decision as to whether or not there will be charges filed.”

Authorities have not released the name of the man who was target shooting or the name of the four-year-old victim.

This is not the first target shooting related accident to happen recently. Two weeks ago, cameras caught a young boy playing with a gun as he accidentally shot his mother’s friend while at a gun range.

Sources: Kansas City Star, Springfield News-Leader


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