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Biggest Fish Ever Caught In Missouri Reeled In On Saturday (Photo)

Andy Belobraydic reeled in the biggest fish ever caught in Missouri on Saturday: a fish weighing in at 140 pounds, almost 57 inches long and four feet in diameter.

Belobraydic caught the fish while at Table Rock Lake near the town of Branson.

“I told them ‘I think I’m stuck on the bottom,’ but then my pole thumped pretty good and the fish started pulling the boat,” Belobraydic told the Springfield News-Leader. “Man, I’ve never hooked anything like that. When it started peeling out that drag, we knew it was something big.”

Belobraydic caught the massive fish with a single, one-inch unbaited hook.

It took Belobraydic and two others about 30 minutes to haul the massive paddlefish into the boat. Then, the team took it to a nearby fish hatchery where the Missouri Department of Conservation weighed it.

The record will be made official after a series of paperwork.

The previous record for the biggest fish caught in Missouri is for another paddlefish captured from the same lake. The fish, caught in 2002, weighed 39 pounds.

Sources: The Blaze, KY3 / Photo Credit: KY3


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