Missouri Family Escorted From Flight After Their 2-Year-Old Son Cries


Most people dread screaming children on their flight, but only when it is someone else's children.

Leo and Regina Kalfin boarded a Frontier Airlines flight from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to St. Louis, Missouri when they were asked by a flight attendant to put their two-year-old son, Sam, in a seat next to them.

Sam was about to finish his first trip with his family and “he was crying and yelling and screaming,” Leo, his father, said. A flight attendant told Leo he would have to remove Sam from his lap and buckle him into an adjoining seat before take-off.

"I did what she told me to. I put him in the seat. I buckled him in and he was of course screaming and yelling and you know, I held him with force,” Leo said.

Sam continued to cry, and the flight attendant confronted the family again.

"She said well your son is too loud, you know, if you're not going to keep him calm in the next three minutes, you guys are going to have to leave the plane,” Leo said.

After the flight encountered some turbulence, Sam cried, causing yet another confrontation between airline staff and the Kalfin family. A spokesman for Frontier told 5KSDK said Regina, Sam’s mother, threw trash at the attendant and tried to incite those around her. Regina said she was gathering the names and numbers of potential witnesses. 

When the flight landed, the Kalfin family was greeted by a police escort. The spokesman for Frontier said the captain of the plane involved police because of Regina’s abusive behavior. 

"They basically got us out of the plane like criminals. They escorted us from the plane," Leo said. ”I don't understand why we were treated this way.”

The Kalfin family has since filed complaints with both Frontier Airlines and the Missouri Attorney General's Office.

Sources: 5KSDK

Screenshot via 5KSDK


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