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Missouri Cracker Barrel Waitress Shocked After Getting New Car As Tip (Video)

An Arkansas couple took tipping at a restaurant to a whole new level by giving a waitress working at a Cracker Barrel in Branson, Missouri, a new car.

Gary Tackett and his wife, Roxann, frequently visit the Cracker Barrel restaurant where Cindi Grady works, and after seeing the waitress’ old, beat-up vehicle in the parking lot, the couple decided to buy her a new one, according to KARK-TV.

"I thought it was abandoned, actually, it was in such bad shape," Tackett told KOLR of Grady's old car, which had been badly dinged and dented after she accidentally ran into five different deer. "I talked with my wife about it, and I said, 'Something has to be done.’"

Tackett and his wife came back to Cracker Barrel, where Grady was their waitress again.

"My boss had told me to have someone else deliver the drinks on my tray and follow her. She never does this during breakfast rush on a Saturday morning so I thought I was in trouble," Grady told The Huffington Post in an email Monday. "When she led me outside instead of to the office, I was thinking, 'Oh boy, it must be really bad if she can't even do it in the restaurant.'"

After eating at the restaurant and paying their bill on Saturday morning, the couple led Grady out to the parking lot to give her their tip: a 2008 silver Ford Fusion, which had a red bow on top.

"We've been watching you drive that [old] car all summer," Tackett told Grady in a viral video (below) posted to Facebook by his daughter. "We decided that you needed something better ... Merry Christmas.”

The Tacketts’ story has spread throughout the community, with Grady saying that she was able to get her insurance transferred for free, as well as her first inspection.

Sources: KARK-TVKOLRThe Huffington Post / Video Source: Younique by Chelsea Todd/YouTube


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