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Missouri Residents Protest Bar That Advertised Michael Brown Shot Special

A bar in Missouri made the controversial decision to declare Friday night the “Michael Brown Special" night, in which it offered patrons six shots of alcohol for $10.

Mug Shots, which is located in St. Joseph, sparked outrage when it started offering the shot special, reports Fox 4 News. A photograph of the sign that advertised the deal went viral and got people talking -- and angry -- after it appeared on the bar’s Facebook page.

A handful of protesters reportedly showed up outside of Mug Shots – which goes by the slogan “where sarcasm is always free” – on Saturday night, holding up signs and chanting.

The bar’s co-owner, who did not wish to have his name revealed but has since been identified as Rodney Stapleton by KNPN, apologized for the mistake and said it was just a reckless call on his part.

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“It’s not meant to cause any harm,” the man told Fox 4. “I should have thought a little bit more about it before I made it a shot special.”

Stapleton claims it was simply a case of monkey see, monkey do when he reportedly copied the offensive Michael Brown shot idea from another bar that was advertising something similar on Facebook.

“I took if off Facebook. People were passing the sign around Facebook and it looked like it was getting a good response, so I decided to use it here,” Stapleton said. “That’s what bar owners do. If they find out something works in another bar, they try to use it at their bar. Apparently I shouldn’t have used it. I should have thought about it a little more before I made it a shot special.”

Brian Kline, a member of the activist group Anonymous, says he thought of protesting outside of Mug Shots, but then decided to instead contact Stapleton. He says he plans to peacefully take up matters with the other bar that offered the drink special.

“I won’t be here [at Mug Shots] tonight because I don’t think this place needs our attention,” Kline said. “There are other problems in the world and places in this town that need our attention.”

Sources: Fox 4 News, KNPN/Photo Credit: Facebook via KNPN


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