Mississippi Woman Faces Execution For Murder That Her Son Confessed To


Michelle Byrom will be executed in Mississippi on Thursday, even though her son, Edward Byrom Jr., admitted several times to the murder of her husband Edward Byrom Sr.

“As I sat on my bed, tears of rage flowing, remembering my childhood my anger kept building and building, and I went to my car, got the 9mm, and walked to his room, peeked in, and he was asleep. I walked about 2 steps in the door, and screamed, and shut my eyes, when I heard him move, I started firing,” Byrom Jr. wrote in a confession that was not allowed in court, noted the Jackson Free Press.

Byrom Jr., Joey Gillis, and Michelle were originally charged for the murder, however, Byrom Jr. testified against his mother in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Byrom Jr. claimed Michelle paid Gillis $15,000 to murder her husband in 1999, but later admitted that claim was false. However, the jury never heard this, reports ClarionLedger.com.

Byrom Jr. also described killing his father to a psychologist, but the jury was not allowed to hear that testimony either.

The Mississippi Supreme Court refused to overturn Michelle's death sentence in a vote of 5-3. The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to intervene, which means that Michelle’s death sentence still stands, unless the Mississippi governor steps in.

Sources: ClarionLedger.com and Jackson Free Press


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