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Mississippi Woman Charged With Aggravated Assault And Drive By Shooting Of Husband (Video)

A woman in Warren County, Miss., has been accused of wounding her estranged husband in a drive-by shooting, says Sheriff Martin Pace.

The shooting happened Monday around 12:45 p.m. at the victim’s residence.

WLBT reported that the sheriff’s department received a 911 call from Billy Dale Neeley, 52, who said he had been shot by his 58-year-old estranged wife, Mary Lou Neeley.

The 911 operator transmitted the personal and vehicle description, while Billy Neeley was still on the line. Two deputies pulled over the suspect vehicle between Highway 27 and Highway 80 and arrested Mary Lou Neeley. A handgun was discovered in her vehicle. She was taken in to police custody within 10 minutes of the call.

Mary Lou Neeley does not live with her husband anymore, and there was no dispute before the shooting, Pace said. She just pulled into the driveway and began shooting.

"She pulled up to the residence where he was working on his vehicle,” Pace told 16 WAPT News Jackson. “It's believed that at this time she actually fired the shots from within her vehicle. He was struck at least once in the abdomen.”

Billy Neeley was working on his car in the carport area when he was shot. He collapsed, but had his cell phone with him and was able to call for help, according to WLBT.

Authorities said Billy Neeley was airlifted to the University of Mississippi Medical Center, where he remains in critical condition.

Pace said Mary Lou Neeley was charged with aggravated assault and a drive-by shooting.


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