Mississippi Woman Beats Up Man Attempting To Steal Her Purse At Gas Station In Mobile


A purse-snatcher was embarrassed by the woman he was attempting to rob and ultimately ended up in Mobile Metro Jail because of his actions (and an unrelated marijuana possession charge). The man, Anthony Harris of Prichard, Miss., was a suspect in a purse robbery that resulted in a 72-year-old woman’s property being stolen. When he attempted to rob his next target, he chose the wrong woman.

Hurley, Miss. resident and Mobile OB/GYN Providence Hospital nurse Bridget Bolen was vacuuming her car at a gas station in Mobile during her lunch break when the incident occurred. While she was cleaning on the passenger side of her car, Harris attempted to steal her keys and purse from the driver’s side of the vehicle. 

Bolen explained her experience to GulfLive.com.

“I saw the man standing over there and he just looked creepy. I looked up and he was getting my purse and keys and I said ‘Ahh, no you didn’t,’” Bolen said.

Bolen then described the type of temporary blackout that typically occurs when an individual is undergoing an adrenaline rush.

“I don’t know how I got to the other side of the car, whether I flew over the hood or what. I guess I ran around the back of the car,” she said, explaining how she managed to catch up with the thief. 

Once she caught up to the thief, the woman wasted no time hitting the man where it hurts. "I yelled 'Sir' and he turned around and I kicked him between the legs," she said. "I was trying to pull my keys away, and when he bent over and got about eye level - smack"

Bolen apparently hit Harris so hard that she broke her hand, although she didn’t realize it at first. After retrieving her possessions, the woman hid in the gas station bathroom while witnesses called police forces to the scene. Harris was arrested, and reportedly remains in jail due to an unrelated marijuana possession charge. 

As a result of Bolen’s blow, Harris had to get stitches beneath his left eye.  


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