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Mississippi Woman Arrested After Accusing Ex of Kidnapping Her

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An 18-year-old woman was arrested in Mississippi after she falsely accused her ex-boyfriend of kidnapping her.

D’Iberville police say Taylor Paige Neville told a family member on Saturday that her ex-boyfriend had kidnapped her from a gas station and was holding her against her will in a hotel on U.S. 90. Police believe the accusation was an act of retaliation.

Police Lt. Terry Hines said he arrived at the gas station at 10 p.m., meanwhile law enforcement found the young man.

"It put him in fear of his life," Hines said. "We believe she made up the kidnapping as an act of retaliation against a witness to a crime. We found no evidence that she had been kidnapped."

Early Monday, Neville was finally found at a friend’s home in D’Iberville. Police arrested and charged her with obstruction of justice by retaliating against a witness. She is being held on $50,000 bond at Harrison County jail.

In May, Neville was arrested for damaging her ex-boyfriend’s vehicle. She was arrested on a felony charge of malicious mischief and spent four days in Harrison County jail before posting a reduced bond of $10,000.

Sources: Sun Herald, WLOX


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