Mississippi Sued Over 'Barbaric' For-Profit Private Prison (Video)

The state of Mississippi was recently sued for alleged human rights violations at one of the state’s for-profit prisons.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) have sued the state over the “perpetual state of crisis at the East Mississippi Correctional Facility [that] puts inmates at a “grave risk of death and loss of limbs."

The ACLU produced a video (below) detailing the actual suicide of an inmate and the lack of mental health care at the prison.

The lawsuits claim that state prison officials have known for years about the "barbaric" jail operated by the Management and Training Corporation, but have not corrected the problems, notes the Associated Press.

According to the lawsuit, many prison cells don't have working toilets and inmates have to defecate in bags or on plastic trays. Rats climb out of the broken toilets and over prisoners' beds.

"Prisoner-on-prisoner stabbings and beatings are frequent because the locking mechanism on the cell doors can readily be defeated, and some officers are complicit in unlocking doors to allow violence to occur," said the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also claims that there is a serious lack of medical care, as one prisoner went blind from a lack of glaucoma medication and another inmate developed gangrene after being stabbed.

“All inmates report significant weight loss since arriving at EMCF, from ten to 60 pounds, and from my direct observation it is clear that all the men are much thinner, almost emaciated, in comparison to old snapshots I viewed in their charts or on their identity cards showing them much heavier,” Psychiatrist Terry A. Kupers wrote in a report when he studied the jail in 2011.

Sources: Associated Press and Southern Poverty Law Center


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