Mississippi Homeowner Won’t Face Charges In Shooting Death Of Burglary Suspect


Jackson, Miss., police say a homeowner, who shot and killed a man suspected of burglarizing his car, will not face any charges under by the state’s Castle Doctrine law.

The unidentified homeowner heard someone breaking into his vehicle and came outside and opened fire. When police arrived on the scene, they found a wounded Quardious Thomas in the vehicle. The 20-year-old Thomas was taken to the University of Mississippi Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Colendula Green, a spokeswoman for the Jackson Police Department said the unidentified homeowner was protected by the state’s castle doctrine law, which allows a person to use deadly force to protect their home, business and vehicle if they are perceived to be in imminent danger.

“It’s your property and you have the right to protect your property,” Green said.

The homeowner reportedly fired five shots at the vehicle.

Green added that the Jackson Police Department is looking into whether there is a connection between the car break-in where the shooting took place and other reports of vehicle break-ins in the same neighborhood, including the personal vehicle of Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis.

Lewis said the window was broken out of his vehicle, but that he did not have anything of value in it.

Sources: The Clarion-Ledger, The Daily Caller


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