Family Of 3-Year-Old Involved In KFC Hoax Makes Decision Regarding $30K Offer


A few weeks ago, KFC Corporation offered a Mississippi family $30,000 after the family claimed that an employee asked their 3-year-old with a scarred face to leave one of the fast-food chain’s restaurants.

Victoria Wicher, the 3-year-old girl in question, was attacked by three pit bulls in April when she was at her grandfather’s home. During the attack, she lost her right eye and sustained several fractures to her face, according to USA Today.

In May, the family claimed that an employee asked Victoria and her grandmother to leave a restaurant because her face was frightening other customers. Multiple investigations could turn up no proof that any such event actually occurred. When the family was asked to provide any evidence whatsoever that corroborated their story, they could not. This led to many concluding that the whole thing was a hoax. For what it's worth: the family continues to stick to their story.

Nevertheless, the family rejected KFC’s money recently, saying that they “didn't feel it was appropriate to accept it after everything KFC has done.”

"With everything that's happened, we just didn't feel right about accepting (KFC’s) money," said Bill Kellum, a Jackson attorney. "But we did tell them they were more than welcome to donate the money to the Frank Stile Foundation."

The Frank Stile Foundation is a non-profit organization run by Stile, a Las Vegas plastic surgeon who is set to perform surgery on Victoria. The website GoFundMe also plans to release donations adding up to more than $100,000 to the family soon to cover medical care costs.

Source: USA Today


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