Mississippi Coroner Advises: 'Shoot the Idiots and Call the Coroner'

Winston County, Miss., Coroner Scott Gregory recently advised residents to "shoot the idiots and call the coroner!"

Gregory, who also works as a DJ at a local radio station, was referring to burglaries in the Louisville, Miss., area when he gave his advice on Facebook last Saturday:

To stop these idiots from robbing us blind, we need to buy a good handgun and get the proper training on how to use it... I remind you that the State of MS have laws that protect us as citizens if deadly force is used to protect you or your family or property from "the stupid bad guys." I say shoot the idiots and call the Coroner! I'm not encouraging anyone to go on a killing spree but if you come to my kingdom and try to commit any unlawful act, I can assure you that your health insurance better be active or you better have a great burial policy.

Gregory added more tough talk:

...This is my kingdom and if you try to invade it to commit any unlawful act, and I'm lucky enough to catch you in the act, then just know that the right amount of pressure applied to any one of my smoke wagon's triggers combined with the accurate amount of gunpowder and lead will cause extreme pain and sadness to any human. If you don't own a handgun, then go buy one from a dealer, get it registered, get you a permit and take a gun safety class ASAP. Don't go on a shooting spree, but don't take no crap from the bad guys!

Gregory told WWLTV.com that the feedback to his Facebook post has been very positive with comments such as "Amen" and "Couldn't have said it better myself brother."

However, Mother Jones reported last year: "In 2011, nearly 10 times more people were shot and killed in arguments than by civilians trying to stop a crime. In one survey, nearly 1% of Americans reported using guns to defend themselves or their property. However, a closer look at their claims found that more than 50% involved using guns in an aggressive manner, such as escalating an argument."

Sources: WWLTV.com, Facebook, Mother Jones (Image Credit: Thomas R. Machnitzk)


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