Mississippi Cop Talks Sex With Young Woman (Video)


A police officer was fired on Aug. 17 after a video (below) surfaced of him talking about sex with a young woman -- who may be 17 years old -- in Jackson, Mississippi.

The video, posted on Facebook by Laneekia M. Gibson on Aug. 16, is entitled "Wen a police officer trying to holler at you."

The video, which went viral, shows Gibson walking up to a police car that has stopped on the road. She then asks the officer for his phone number, which he gives her.

Jackson Police Cmdr. Tyree Jones identified the cop as Officer Darryl Stasher, notes WAPT.

Stasher appears to be asking Gibson, "Man, you look like you’re scared to f---, you said you wasn’t going to school."

Gibson tells Stasher that she is not "scared to f--- with nobody" and asks him what he is talking about.

"OK, well, why you acting like you can’t go to the room?" Stasher responds. "Ain’t nobody going to know what we doing in the room. I’m going to take care of you, so..."

"You can take care of me, but I don’t go to rooms," Gibson replies.

"Okay, where the hell you go?" Stasher asks. "How do you do grown folk s--- then?"

Gibson says that she can't talk to Stasher anymore, and adds that she doesn't know what he means.

"Oh so, you sayin you ain’t f------?" Stasher inquires.

Gibson confirms that she is not going to have sex, but that she is going to call Stasher.

According to Jones, the video was viewed by the department, Stasher was assigned to administrative desk duty, and then later terminated after an investigation.

"Chief [Lee] Vance finds it very disturbing that an officer in a marked patrol vehicle would even indulge himself in that type of behavior," Jones told WAPT.

Several people, who called the news station claiming to be Gibson's family, said that she is 17 years old, but her Facebook page reportedly says that she was born on March 14, 1990.

"It's just even more disturbing if she is a juvenile," Jones added. "But again, it's the content of the video, it's the content of the language that was used in the video. It's also him being in uniform in a marked patrol car. That's not the behavior that we would like the public to see."

Members of the public had mixed reactions to the video when it was shown by the news station; some almost made excuses for Stasher.

Sources: Laneekia M. Gibson/Facebook (2), WAPT / Photo credit: Laneekia ​M. Gibson/Facebook via YouTube

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