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Woman Reported Missing Found On 'The Bachelor' (Photos)

Woman Reported Missing Found On 'The Bachelor' (Photos) Promo Image

A woman who was reported missing was found after appearing in the latest season of "The Bachelor."

According to KTLA, 22-year-old Rebekah Helena Martinez had been listed missing on the California Department of Justice's website since Nov. 12, 2017. According to the department's website, that date was the last time she had been seen by anyone.

On Feb. 1, the North Coast Journal published a story with photos of those missing in Humboldt County, asking if anybody in the area had seen any of them.

One reader, Amy Bonner O'Brien, responded to the story quickly, saying that she recognized Martinez as a contestant on the most recent season of the long-running reality show "The Bachelor," which began its 22nd season in January.

"I was just scrolling through the 35 missing people and I recognized some of them from news stories," O'Brien said. "When I got to her, I was like wait a minute, she looks so familiar and I instantly thought of 'The Bachelor.'"

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The newspaper followed up on O'Brien's tip, contacting the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office after tracking down Martinez on Instagram. The account had reportedly been active since she was reported as missing.

The deputy who took Martinez's missing persons report confirmed that she had been located. Sheriff's spokeswoman Samantha Karges said that the deputy spoke to Martinez on the phone.

Karges said that Martinez was reported missing by her mother on Nov. 18, 2017, six days after she had last been seen. Martinez reportedly told her mother that she was going to work on a marijuana farm in Humboldt County.

"As part of procedure, Humboldt County Sheriff's Office deputies are typically required to make direct contact with the missing person to confirm status and well-being, as geographical and other factors allow," the sheriff's office said in a statement. "A deputy was not able to make direct contact with Martinez and she was not removed from the Missing and Unidentified Persons System."

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According to NPR, Martinez posted on her Instagram account in September 2017 that she was giving up her "phone and social media for the next several weeks," and if anyone needed to contact her, "tough luck!" The break from social media came presumably around the time that filming began for that season of "The Bachelor."

Martinez returned to social media on Nov. 22, just four days after she was reported missing. She has regularly posted since then.

After discovering that she was reported missing, Martinez shared a post on her Instagram page, with a photo of herself on the side of a milk carton with the caption, "MISSING."

"Found myself, quite literally, on this season of The Bachelor," she wrote in the post. "PSA: always call your mom back."

Martinez has not directly addressed the confusion behind the situation, but she did address the incident on her Twitter page, sharing a link to an article, writing, "honestly the scariest thing about this story is that my efforts to conceal The Worst Drivers License Photo Of All Time have been thwarted."

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