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Missing Woman Susan Powell's Father-in-Law: We were "Sexual"

A shocking and frankly disturbing revelation in the case of missing Utah woman Susan Powell -- her father-in-law now claims that the two had a "very sexual" relationship. However, Powell's father said that is "totally ridiculous."

Powell has been missing since December 2009. Searches for her have been futile.

But now comes the claim from Steve Powell that he was involved in a relationship with his son's wife.

"Susan was very very sexual with me, very flirtatious. She would do a lot of things to me, we interacted in a lot of sexual ways," Steve Powell told "Good Morning America" on Thursday. "Father-in-law, daughter-in-law flirting with each other, maybe some sexual touching or whatever. And I enjoyed it, frankly. Susan was a joy to be around in so many ways, not just those ways."

Steve Powell said the relationship was about more than just sex.

"I think it is pretty likely I was falling love with her, and there is no doubt in my mind that the feeling was mutual," he said.

Susan Powell's father Chuck Cox said Steve Powell is just a liar.

"We deny all allegations, they are just totally ridiculous," he told "GMA."

Cox said Steve Powell was something of a predator.

"She told us a long time before they moved to Utah that he had made advances towards her, which she said made her very uncomfortable and that her husband did not seem to care. She moved to Utah to get away from Steve."

Susan Powell's husband Josh apparently didn't know anything about the alleged relationship. The Daily Mail reports that he has been named as a "person of interest" in the case. Josh Powell claims he took his two sons camping, and when he returned, his wife was gone.

"Everyone who knows me knows that I would never hurt her and I would never hurt my boys. I would never hurt anyone," he told the show. "I am a good dad and I was a good husband. Though Susan was never unfaithful before that I know of, she was a very sexual person."

Josh Powell said his wife was erratic and depressive, and had contemplated suicide in the past.


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