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Missing Woman Robyn Gardner had "Major Fight" with Gary Giordano

On a day when a judge in Aruba ordered the suspect in the case of missing woman Robyn Gardner held for another 60 days, there is a report of surveillance video that shows the couple having a "major fight" just before she disappeared.

Gary Giordano has been held without being charged for nearly a month since he reported Gardner missing during a snorkel trip. The judge ruled he can be held for another two months while police investigate and search for Gardner's body.

The Daily Mail reports that a source close to the investigation told the National Enquirer what is on that videotape:

"They were having a major fight. Robyn was waving her arms and shouting at Giordano. He was grabbing her arms and jerking her around and shouting back at her.

"Then Giordano apparently realized their argument was heating up in public where someone might overhear them. He violently grabbed the back of Robyn's neck with one hand and shoved her back into the elevator with the other hand.

"Aruban authorities believe those few, crucial seconds of videotape will give them what they need to put Gary Giordano in prison for life."

The source also said lip-readers looked at the tape to see what they were saying. The 35-year-old Gardner shouted, "I'm out of here. I'm leaving. I'm not spending another minute with you."

He reported responded, "Get back here! I'll kill you!"

Witnesses say they saw Giordano sweating profusely on the day Gardner disappeared, with a large scratch on his throat and blood next to him on the beach.

Gardner and Giordano traveled to Aruba on July 31 after reportedly meeting on the website "Adult Friend Finder." She went missing two days later.


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