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Missing Woman Jessica Benson Believed to be Linked with Bank Robbery

Authorities believe a Wisconsin woman who went missing may be a bank robber on the run, after a robbery occurred at the bank she used to work at.

Jessica Benson, 22, was just days away from graduating college when she went missing. She called in sick to her job at Milwaukee Educator's Credit Union Bank, which was the target of a robbery days earlier. 

Her boyfriend, Nathaniel Robinson, also went missing on the same day.

The robbery happened in the bank's drive-thru teller. The suspects passed the teller a note demanding cash, and authorities say the terminology used led them to believe the robbery involved someone who worked at the bank.

Two men were arrested in connection with the robbery, including Kevin Blackburn, 25, and Ricardo Perkins, 31.

During a welfare check of Benson's apartment on May 14, authorities found it was empty. Benson lived with Robinson. When Robinson's parole officer visited their dwelling on May 3, it was fully furnished.

The couple's neighbors said they saw them moving things into a U-Haul truck a few days prior to and after the robbery.

When the robbery took place, Benson was seen driving a rental car. She returned the car on May 13.

A witness also told authorities that the couple planned the robbery at the credit union.

Judith Beyer, isn't sure what she believes.

"Is there a possibility that he [Benson's boyfriend] does have something to do with it?" she said to reporters. "Yes, and I believe that he did influence her to do something that would be outside of his characteristics and she's still being held against her will."

Sources: Daily Mail, WTMJ


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