Missing Woman Found By Highway Patrol Officer


The search for a North Carolina woman who has been missing since Christmas Day ended Tuesday after a state highway patrol officer discovered her on a nearby highway.

The discovery was made by Trooper E.C. Underwood, who was alerted about the woman’s disappearance via a radio call while he was on duty. The law enforcement officers initially tasked with the investigation into the woman’s disappearance had been unable to reach her cell phone, but the woman unexpectedly answered after Underwood tried calling again. 

According to Fox 8, the Randolph County woman was disoriented and unable to tell Underwood exactly where she was. Her only point of reference was a highway sign that had the number “1” on it. 

Correctly assuming that the woman had ended up in Richmond County somewhere along Highway 1, Underwood managed to track the missing woman down. She had recently crossed the North Carolina border and entered South Carolina. 

As WTVD reports, Underwood had the woman return to North Carolina and eat a meal at a nearby Waffle House. He then returned her to her family. 

Details regarding the woman’s disappearance — including her age and identity — have not yet been revealed. It is unclear why the woman had been missing, and her whereabouts during the days she was gone are also uncertain. 

Sources: Fox 8 WTVD / Photo Credit: Fox 8


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