Teen Girl Missing After Her Father Was Found Murdered


After a man was found dead on March 13, investigators in Texas are determined to find his missing teenage daughter.

Authorities explain 14-year-old Adriana Coronado is “believed to be in grave or immediate danger,” The Washington Post reports.

“Please return my daughter back 'cause I’m dying with hurt,” Adriana’s mother said. “Oh my God. This is my only daughter please return her to me.”

Concerns grew after police discovered the remains of Adriana's father, Caesar Vladimir Coronado. Investigators are waiting on autopsy results to determine the cause of his death, but they believe he was shot.

The father’s burned pickup truck was also found.

Caesar was found murdered and burned on the side of the road in northern Walker County on March 13. His truck was found later that night 50 miles away in Conroe, Texas, the Montgomery County Police Reporter reports.

Investigators found out during that day that Adriana had been with Caesar. Her mother is recovering from surgery in Mexico, the Montgomery County Police Reporter notes.

“At this point in time, based on the information that we have, we do feel that that is a very strong possibility, and we’re working it as if she’s been abducted,” Sheriff Clint McRae added.

The Hispanic ninth-grader Adriana wears black-framed glasses and is described as 5 feet tall with brown eyes and black hair. She was last seen March 12 in the Houston suburb of Katy.

This is not the first child abduction case from Texas to capture national attention recently, Lubbock Online reports.

Iviz Rascon, 1, was abducted by his father, Edwin Rascon, 18, after Edwin allegedly shot and killed another man.

The child was found safe on March 11, but police are still looking for Edwin, a Hispanic male with brown hair and green eyes.

Sources: The Washington Post, Montgomery County Police Reporter,Lubbock Online / Photo Credit: Walker County Sheriff's Office via New York Daily News

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