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Missing Teenage Girl Found Partially Naked, Beaten To Death


The body of a Birmingham, Alabama, teen was discovered on Thursday, partially nude and lying face-down. Authorities said they believe the teen was the victim of a brutal beating at the hands of a friend and her 39-year-old boyfriend.

Alexis Marie Garcia, 17, was reported missing by her mother earlier this month, one week after she was last seen. Samantha Wright, 18, and her boyfriend, Shannon Yager, were charged with capital murder for the killing of Garcia.

According to reports, Wright called her father on March 9, saying that she'd woken up covered in blood with no recollection of what had happened.

Wright told her father that she, Yager and Garcia were walking through the woods and separated at some point. She claimed to not remember what happened beyond that, but juvenile witnesses, ages 13 and 14, later told authorities that Wright informed them that she'd beaten Garcia unconscious after she began getting naked and making advances toward Yager in the back of her car. 

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The teens said that Wright told them she and Yager then brought Garcia's body into the woods, and reportedly threatened to kill them if they told anyone. 

Wright and Yager were later apprehended by police after being located 40 miles away from Blount County, where the body was found. The couple went voluntarily to the county jail. They told officers they, as well as Garcia, had taken meth and heroin. Wright allegedly passed out before waking to find Garcia stripping her clothing and making advances toward Yager.

Just hours after Garcia's body was discovered on Thursday morning, authorities obtained capital murder warrants against the couple. Garcia's mother was notified of her daughter's death later that night.

Sources:, New York Daily News / Photo Credit:


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