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Missing Texas 15-Year-Old Found Stuffed Under Sink

The search for missing Texas girl Karen Perez came to a tragic end when the 15-year-old was found under a sink in an abandoned apartment complex, raped and murdered. 

Her boyfriend, also 15, has been charged with her murder, according to Daily Mail.

Perez disappeared May 27 after her boyfriend, whose name is not being released because he is a juvenile, asked her to skip school.  She initially refused, but text messages on the suspect’s phone show he threatened to kill her if she did not comply, KTLA reports.

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Perez was last seen on surveillance video entering a taqueria near South Houston high school, where the teens attended.  She was followed by two boys, one of whom is thought to be her boyfriend.  Later, the footage shows Perez leaving the restaurant holding hands with one of the teens.

After leaving the taqueria, the boyfriend and two of his friends lured Perez to an abandoned apartment complex.  The apartment is not far from the high school.

The friends returned to school.  The boyfriend then raped and strangled Perez before stuffing her body in a sink cabinet.

Perez’s family reported her missing that day.  They became suspicious of the boyfriend when he responded, “You won’t find her, she is dead,” when Perez’s father suggested they go looking for her, prosecutors said.

After his arrest, police discovered an audio recording on the suspect’s phone that documented the murder.

“I don’t want to, I told you I don’t want to!” Perez is reportedly heard saying as her boyfriend attacked her.  “I don’t want to die.”

When police asked the suspect whether he killed Perez, he replied he did but that he wasn’t going to say anything else, prosecutors said.

Perez’s body was found three days after her death.  An autopsy will be performed.  

The community has reacted with shock and sympathy.  

"The student leaves behind a host of friends who will miss her greatly. As the South Houston High School family mourns the loss of this student, the campus and Pasadena ISD are doing everything we can to provide comfort and assistance to the family and to our students in this time of grief," the school district said in a statement, Chron reports.

Sources:  Daily Mail, KTLA, Chron / Photo credit:  Houston Chronicle via Chron

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