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Missing for 3 Weeks, Ohio Teen Abigail Obermiller Safe - Faces Charges

An Ohio teenager missing for the past three weeks has been found safe hiding out in her boyfriend's attic. It appears Abigail Obermiller's parents did not approve of the young man. (That sentiment is not likely to change now.)

The 17-year-old was last seen on June 6 inside her grandmother's home, approximately 10 miles from her parents' residence in Norwalk, in Huron County. And then, after that, nothing. That is, until police received an anonymous tip about Obermiller's whereabouts.

When they went to 20-year-old Robert Young's house Wednesday morning armed with a search warrant, they found Obermiller in the attic.

Obermiller is now charged with obstructing official business and delinquency. Appearing in court Wednesday, Obermiller pleaded to go home.

"I'm fine. I just want to go home," she told a judge. "I'm not going anywhere. You can put me under house arrest if you want. ... I just want to go home."

But the judge was not swayed, ordering the girl be held in juvenile detention until her next hearing. The judge also ordered that she undergo a substance abuse screening, as well as physical and psychological exams.

Meanwhile, Young was arrested earlier in the investigation, on June 14, and charged with obstruction of justice. Police say he was lying to them, saying he had no clue where Obermiller was.

He also told Cleveland TV station Fox 8, "I don't know where she is. I have no idea where to start."

But police say Young sent Obermiller a string of text messages prior to her disappearance that prove his involvement.

Obermiller's parent told on Sunday that they did not approve of Young. They say he was "very possessive" and "controlling." 

"She was upset because we didn't like her boyfriend," Rose Obermiller said.

Young has pleaded not guilty to the obstruction charge. It is likely that he will now face further charges.


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