Missing New Hampshire Girl Resurfaces After More Than 10 Years (Video)

Mary Nunes has been missing since 2004, but she reappeared with her stepfather, Scott Kelley, at the Atlanta International Airport on Wednesday.

Mary, 19, was allegedly taken out of the U.S. during a custody battle by her mother Genevieve Kelley and Scott, who was arrested at the airport and charged with kidnapping, noted the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Genevieve surrendered to New Hampshire authorities in November 2014, reported CNN.

Genevieve was charged with non-custodial kidnapping and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. She was released on bail, and is awaiting her trial, which is scheduled to begin on May 8.

She was in a custody battle over Mary, then 8, with Mark Nunes, Mary's biological father. Genevieve reportedly claimed that Mark had sexually abused Mary.

When that accusation was found to be false by police and court authorities, Genevieve and Scott allegedly took Mary out of the country.

Mark made videos and posted them on YouTube (below) in hopes that Mary would seen them.

Mark said in a statement via private investigator Philip Klein, "We love Mary and are overjoyed that she is alive and back in the U.S. Our hearts and home are open to her, and we will do everything we can to insure she remains safe and healthy.”

Klein stated, "This was not an arranged surrender. Scott Kelley thought he was coming back to the U.S. without charges. That’s what he was told at the [U.S. embassy in Costa Rica]. He was tricked.”

Mary was given the option of what she wanted to do after Scott was arrested, and she chose to fly with Scott's attorney Alan Rosenfeld to Colorado where his law firm is located.

According to WMUR, Rosenfeld said in February that Mary wanted to testify on behalf of Genevieve.

For his part, Scott recently told PEOPLE, "It was time to come home."

Sources: New Hampshire Union Leader, PEOPLE, CNN, WMUR, YouTube
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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