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Missing Mother Lay Dead Inside Car For Days While Parking Tickets Piled Up (Video)

The body of a missing Pennsylvania woman was found in the passenger seat of her car, which had received multiple parking tickets while sitting outside a Philadelphia train station.

Nadia Malik, 22, was reported missing from Delaware County on Feb. 10. The mother-of-two was found in the passenger seat of her Nissan Thursday parked near Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station.

“Some people were calling 911 to report that the vehicle was parked illegally, looking like seven or eight parking tickets from the Parking Authority were issued,” said Lt. John Walker.

The oldest ticket on the car was dated Feb. 10 at a different location.

Police blame the snow for the body going unnoticed.

“Appears from the dirt on the windshield that the car was probably snow covered and the way she was slumped over and positioned in the passenger seat, you really couldn’t see inside the car,” Walker said.

The windows of the car are also tinted and large gym bag was reportedly thrown on her body.

Police are treating the incident as a suspicious death. An autopsy will be performed Friday.

The last person Malik was seen with was her ex-boyfriend, who was tracked down in Ohio and taken into custody on an unrelated parole violation.

Sources: CBS PhillyTheBlaze


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