Missing Mom Susan Powell's Son: "Mommy's in the Mine"

In an explosive new development in the Susan Cox Powell case, the missing Utah mom's four-year-old son reportedly said, "Mommy's in the mine, looking for crystals." The boy reportedly made the statement after his mom went missing in Dec. 2009, but it wasn't made public until now. 

Police are searching abandoned mine shafts near Powell's home. Adding to the intrigue: according to a report on CNN's Nancy Grace Show, airing Oct. 7, Powell's husband, Josh, once told a friend that a mineshaft would be the best place to dispose of a body.

A 28-year-old stockbroker and mom, Susan Cox Powell went missing from her home on December 7, 2009. On the night she disappeared, her husband claims he took their two sons, ages four and two, camping overnight in the West Deserts of Utah, where temperatures were freezing.

As part of their search efforts, teams are dropping cameras into two silver mineshafts 20 to 50 miles away from the area Josh Powell claims he took his sons camping. These mines are at least half a mile deep.

According to Chuck Cox, Susan's father, Susan and Josh were having marital problems shortly before she disappeared. They seemed to be on the way to patching things up - Josh had begun attending church with Susan again - but "right now in the wake of everything," Cox said, "we`re not sure that it wasn`t just a show." Cox also said that Joshua Powell is preventing his children from having any contact with their grandfather.

Also revealed on the CNN show: Powell, an avid fan of crime shows, is alleged to have told a friend at a 2008 Christmas party that the perfect hiding place for a body would be a deep mineshaft.


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