Missing Mafia Boss ‘Fed Alive To Pigs'


An Italian mafia boss who went missing in 2012 was brutally beaten by rival gangsters and thrown in a pig sty to be eaten alive as he begged for help, police say.

Francesco Raccosta went missing in March 2012 and authorities believe he was kidnapped from his Calabria home as part of a 60-year feud with rivals. He disappeared with fellow mobster Carmine Putrine, who is believe to have met the same fate.

An undercover police investigation captured crime boss Simone Pepe, 24, bragging about the attack.

“It was so satisfying hearing him scream. Mamma mia he could scream,” Pepe said over the phone. "I didn’t see a f**king thing left. People say sometimes they leave something. In the end there was nothing left. Those pigs could certainly eat.”

Seeking revenge for the death of mafia godfather Domenico Bonnarrigo, Pepe confessed to Raccosta’s murder and three others.

“This feud has been going on since the 1950s and has claimed numerous lives. Pepe was particularly brutal,” a police spokesman said. “By feeding his victim to pigs he thought he would earn the respect of rivals as well as his own clan.”

The undercover operation led to 20 arrests and millions of euros seized in Calabria and Rome.

Sources: Daily Mirror, New York Daily News


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