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Missing Long Island Woman Discovered Dead In Woods

The body of a Long Island woman who had been missing since October was discovered on Nov. 20.  Her body was found in a forested area in the village of Sagaponack.

Lilia Aucapina, 40, was a mother of two and had been missing since Oct. 10, Newsday reports.  Her body was reportedly discovered by a hunter on the early morning of Nov. 20, in a wooded area not far from her home, according to Southampton attorney Colin Astarita.  The body was preliminarily identified as Lilia's, and Astarita said that a full report examining dental records will be done soon.

Police are currently investigating the possibility that Lilia committed suicide, although there are still many unanswered questions about the case.  Lilia's brother, Victor Parra, said that police currently believe the body to hers.

Lilia and her estranged husband, Carlos, had filed for divorce earlier in the year.  Carlos was arrested shortly after Lilia vanished and was charged with violating a judge's protection order. Before her body was found, he told ABC 7 in an interview that he was extremely worried about his wife and just wanted her to be safe.

"I hope that she's OK," Carlos said on Nov. 10. "That's my prayers. That's my wishes."

He also said that his wife "needed some space." According to police, the last time that Lilia was seen was on the morning of Oct. 10, after a confrontation that reportedly took place between her, her brother and her husband in the parking lot of a medical center.

Lilia's brother and husband also reported that they saw her walking with a man they were unfamiliar with before the confrontation took place.  Police have not commented on whether the unnamed man or Carlos are currently suspects in the case, ABC 7 reports.

Lilia Aucapina was originally from Ecuador.  She had a 21-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter.  Astarita said that on Oct. 10, the day she disappeared, Lilia texted both of her children with a message in Spanish that means "remember that mommy always loves you," according to Newsday.

Sources: Newsday, ABC 7 / Photo Credit: Southampton Town Police Department via Newsday

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