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Missing Kentucky Woman Leaves Note For 10-Year-Old Son Before Disappearing (Photos)

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A woman in Kentucky reportedly left a note underneath her 10-year-old son’s pillow before disappearing for over a month.

According to reports, Natasha Fugate Jones was last seen the morning of May 7th and left the note for her son, Hunter, before disappearing.

“She left me a note under my pillow that she'd be back in a couple of days,” Hunter said. “But she never came back. She needs to come home this isn't funny anymore.” Since her disappearance, nobody in Jones’ family has heard or seen from her or has any idea of her whereabouts.

“I'd just like to tell her that I love her and I'd wish she'd come home,” Jones’ grandmother, Ola Chaffins, said. “Her two boys miss her.” According Lex 18 News, Jones has “done something like this before,” though this is the longest she’s gone missing without staying in touch. 

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State police reportedly began searching for the woman on Sunday. 

“The helicopters went over this morning,” Chaffins said. 

Family and friends have also aided in the search. Her son reportedly took to social media to look for clues of her whereabouts, but he was unable to come up with anything substantial. A $1,000 reward has been offered for information that leads to Jones’ return.

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Sources: Lex 18 News, WKYT

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