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Missing Illinois Teen Found Safe After Texting Cryptic Message To Family

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A missing southern Illinois woman texted her parents a mysterious message, prompting a search, but was found unharmed a week later.

Delia Ann Stacey, 18, texted "help" to her family on Dec. 28 before she stopped responding to calls and texts, despite frequent efforts by her parents and police to communicate with her. 

Stacey was discovered in Chicago, 300 miles from home, on Jan. 4, after calling her mother to say she was safe.

“Stacey advised that she was fine, and required no police assistance,” the Herrin Police Department said in a statement.

Fox News reports that Stacey has since been “uncooperative” about the case. 

Stacey told her family she was going to meet a friend, but did not say who, and left her father’s house on foot.

Law enforcement did not mention at what time they suspected foul play in Stacey's disappearance, according to Daily Mail.

Stacey’s sister-in-law had been asking for information regarding Stacey’s disappearance and for her to come home on Facebook:

“ok ppl I need your help my name is Christen Stacey I'm on my sister in laws face book she is missing has anyone seen her today at all last seen at her father's this morning then took off an we haven't heard from her since her phone goes straight to voice mail.”

Stacey's Facebook friend Valerie Simmons said Stacey's father has health issues. “Delia. Please come back we love u if u were taken from us u need to fight like mad Ur dad needs u he is back in the hospital heart is giving out on him,” wrote Simmons.

Wanda Abrahamsen, another one of Stacey’s Facebook friends, wrote she wasn't convinced Stacey was abducted. “Yea i think mabe she took off with a man and she is afraid dad wont like or except i pray she grows up and comes home,” said Abrahamsen. 

Stacey is no longer on The National Crime Information Center Database as a missing person. 

Sources: Fox News, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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