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Cold Case: Potential Human Remains In Concrete Slab (Photos)

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Police in Pennsylvania may have gotten a break in a decades-long murder cold case, finding potential clues in the basement of a local home.

Tim Miller, police chief for Milton, Pennsylvania, announced in August that investigators may have found human remains inside a large concrete slab pulled from the basement of a local home, according to WPIX.

Authorities located the presence of wood chips inside the concrete and surmised that Barbara Miller, then 30, was killed and fed through a wood chipper before being entombed in concrete after her disappearance in 1989.

Chief Miller, who is of no relation to the victim, said investigators were "dissecting the walls, so to speak, piece by piece, hammer-and-chisel type, looking for the smallest of clues." He noted it was "mere speculation if a wood chipper was or wasn't used. Obviously the presence of wood chips in a concrete wall is highly suspicious."

The main suspect in the case is Barbara's ex-boyfriend, Joseph Walter "Mike" Egan. Barbara mentioned to her friends that she was afraid of Egan and had planned to meet up with them on the day of her disappearance.

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Egan denies involvement in Barbara's murder, but witnesses say Egan would use cocaine and then drive to the home to "visit his old lady," the same home where police pulled the concrete slab.

Egan, 59, served six years in state prison for receiving stolen property and other offenses, all of which were committed while Egan served on the local police force, according to Fox News. Egan reported Barbara missing five days after her initial disappearance and then moved into her home.

Chief Miller reopened the case after receiving a tip that Egan's sister, Cathy Reitenbach, was one of the last people to see Barbara alive, according to Philly Voice. Reitenbach passed away in January 2017 and the concrete slab was pulled from the basement of her home.

Investigators also found several other peculiar features about the basement of Reitenbach's home, noting that an additional concrete floor appeared to have been added. Some of the concrete also looked to have been mixed by hand, and there was an exhaust fan inside the basement, as well.

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Chief Miller also mentioned in his affidavit that a witness recalled someone threatening another over an outstanding drug payment, saying if they did not pay they would "end up like Barbara Miller in Cathy's basement," according to WPIX.

Barbara's home has also been searched and investigators are remaining quiet about any potential discoveries made on the property.

Sources: WPIX, Fox News, Philly Voice / Featured Image: Les Chatfield/Flickr / Embedded Images: Daily Item via Fox News, Daily Item via Philly Voice

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