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Missing Teen Wipes Phone Data, Runs Away With Coach

Missing Teen Wipes Phone Data, Runs Away With Coach Promo Image

Florida police believe a 17-year-old girl who was reported missing may have run away with her high school's soccer team coach.

Caitlyn Frisina, 17, was reported missing by her parents on Nov. 26, WJAX reported. She left her home the night before and had erased all the data on her cell phone, according to local authorities.

Authorities said Caitlyn withdrew $200 from an ATM in Georgia on Nov. 26. They believe the teenager may have run away with 27-year-old Rian Rodriguez.

Rodriguez worked as the head coach of the boy's soccer team at Fort White High School. He was also involved with the team for which Caitlyn played. He is believed to be driving a red Mercury Sable.

The Columbia County School District has since issued a statement on the matter, announcing that they have suspended Rodriguez until the investigation is concluded:

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The Columbia County School District is cooperating fully with the Columbia County Sheriff’s office with regard to an investigation against one of our current supplemented employees. The employee has been suspended pending this investigation and is no longer serving in the supplemented capacity as Head Boys’ Soccer Coach at Fort White High School. Depending on the outcome of this investigation the information may be sent to FLDOE to determine if any violations of the Principles of Professional Conduct for the Education Profession in Florida or local School Board Policy have occurred. Again, the employee has been suspended and will be restricted from all contact with students. No other comments will be made pending this investigation.

Caitlyn's mother, Scarlet Parnell Frisina, took to Facebook on Nov. 27 to deliver a heartfelt message to her missing daughter.

"Caitlyn Morgan, Punkin, Daddy and I want you to know how very much we love you and miss you!" Scarlet wrote. "We're not sure why you chose to go, but know that all we care about is knowing whether or not you're safe!!

"We can work out any issues. We're here with open arms praying for your safety! Please let us know that you're ok."

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"Day or night, no matter what; no [judgment], no anger...just know we're here and we love you more than you can imagine!" Scarlet added. "Chandler and all of our family and friends love you, too, and are praying for you, as well!! Let someone, anyone, know that you're ok!!!"

The Facebook post was shared more than 400 times and received hundreds of comments of support from social media users.

Sources: WJAX, Scarlet Parnell Frisina/Facebook / Featured Image: Dave Conner/Flickr / Embedded Images: Columbia County Sheriff's Office via Daily Mail

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