Missing Dog Discovered Alive And Well In Hawaii After Getting On Wrong Flight


A dog who was on a trip with her owner from Seattle to Mississippi was discovered in Hawaii after reportedly getting on the wrong flight.  The owner was contacted when the dog was found, and the two will be reunited soon.

The dog, named Bethany, is a Pembroke Scottish corgi and was mistakenly placed on an incorrect flight during a stop in the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport on Nov. 28, according to NBCDFW and Hawaii News Now.  

Bethany's owner, Paul Chen, became worried when he learned that his dog was missing and offered a $1,000 reward, Hawaii News Now reports. After Bethany landed and was discovered in Honolulu, officials from American Airlines quickly realized the mistake. 

American Airlines officials told Chen where Bethany's had ended up on Nov. 29, NBCDFW reports. "Don't know how or why she got there, but I am glad she is safe and sound," Chen wrote in an email.

Bethany left Honolulu on Nov. 30, which allowed a full day to make sure she was well and fully rested, according to American Airlines spokesman Ross Feinstein. She is expected to be reunited with Chen on Dec. 1.

Feinstein apologized and added that Bethany was under the care of a veterinarian during her time in Honolulu, and reported that staff from American Airlines had been in frequent contact with Chen with updates on Bethany.  

Bethany was reported to have enjoyed her short stay in Hawaii.  "She took a little bit of a vacation to Honolulu," joked American Airlines spokeswoman Andrea Huguely. "She has been well taken care of the entire time."

Huguely added that American Airlines will investigate why Bethany was placed on the wrong flight and how the "misconnect" occurred.

Sources: NBCDFW, Hawaii News Now / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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