Missing Cat Found 2,000 Miles Away From Home After Surviving 49 Days In Shipping Container


A little girl’s cat was taken on an incredible journey across the Australian outback after it was accidentally packed into a shipping container.

Emily Schilling, 10, lost her cat 3-year-old Pippa in February, Mashable Australia reports. As weeks passed, her mother Rebecca began to search shelters and neighborhoods for signs of Pippa.

“The cat went missing, as cats do wander off, and we just expected her to come back at some point, then a couple of weeks passed and … still nothing,” she told Mashable Australia.

Rebecca was ready to accept that Pippa had been hit by a car or taken in by a stranger when she received a strange call from her neighbor Jason King on April 10, who had just relocated over 2,000 miles away to Brisbane, Queensland.

“Seven weeks later, I get a phone call and a guy saying ‘this is your ex-neighbor, we moved to Queensland and we have just opened the container and found your cat,’” Rebecca said.

Apparently, as King was packing his belongings in preparation for the move, Pippa had somehow found its way inside of it. Rebecca speculated that Pippa probably thought the box was a nice place to hang out.

When King opened the container after 49 days, he was horrified by the contents. His belongings were covered in bodily fluid and hair, and he was forced to throw them away. Incredibly, Pippa survived the long journey, though she was severely underweight and malnourished.

It’s extremely unusual for a cat to survive such a length of time in those conditions, according to Animal Welfare League Queensland. Rebecca said she was in “sheer disbelief” when she heard the news.

Emily is “over the moon” knowing that her cat will be home soon, Rebecca added.

Pippa is currently at an animal welfare center in Brisbane. Once she gains weight, she can take a flight home to her family. She is expected to make a full recovery and be ready to travel by the end of the week.

Sources: MashableDailyMail

Photo Credit: Rebecca Schilling via Mashable


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