Vanished Alabama Teen Reemerges After One Year (Photo)


A 17-year-old girl from Alabama who was reported missing in December 2015 after telling her parents she was taking out the trash has been located living some 1,300 miles away in Texas.

Alissia Freeman reportedly disappeared without a trace from her family's residence in Highland Home, Alabama, on Dec. 13, 2015.

She made contact with her mother this week for the first time from El Paso, Texas, near the Mexican border, via video chat.

Her mother, Vicky Metcalf, set off to be with her and the two were reunited, later posting a smiling selfie with the teenager during the occasion, according to KPRC. 

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The Freeman family, who had sought help with finding the teen online since her disappearance, has not disclosed information on where she has been during her absence.

Likewise, law enforcement officials have not released answers as to what she has been doing with her time. They have also not said whether she left her family willingly or why she suddenly initiated contact with them after so long. 

"All I care about is the fact that my niece has been found. She's safe, she's alive. Right now that's the biggest focus and that's the only thing we're going to focus on. We'll get the answers in time," said her uncle, Calvin Thornton, KPRC reports.

Released pictures of Alissia show her smiling and looking healthy in an El Paso restaurant. 

On April 17, her family shared the good news with followers of the Facebook page set up to help find her, according to the Daily Mail:

We wanted to let you all know that we have talked to Alissia today. Praise God! ... She is safe and okay! We know you all will have lots of questions, but right now all we can say is that she is alright and that is what is most important. ... Thank you all so very much for standing in prayer with us for her safety! ... We can’t tell you how much it has and will always mean to us! Thank you!

When she originally disappeared, detectives said an adult male may be involved with her vanishing and stated she might be in need of medical attention. 

Information on whether she had a phone or money with her when she went missing has not been disclosed. 

Metcalf has stood up against "ugly" messages slamming her daughter on Facebook. 

"She is just trying to heal now. No one has any right to say anything negative to her or about her," she said.  

Sources: KPRC, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Pixabay, Facebook via Daily Mail

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