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Missing 2-Year-Old Found Two Days Later Alive In Field

The community of North Bloomfield, Ohio, was thrown into a frenzy when 2-year-old Rainn Peterson went missing from her great-grandparent’s house on Oct. 2. 

Rainn was missing for two days before Victor Sutton found her asleep in a field less than a mile from her home. It had been a rainy weekend, and the toddler was found laying in a field, WFMJ reported.

In an emotional 911 call, Sutton told the operator, "I found baby Rainn, and she's alive!" 

Sutton reportedly asked for permission to pick Rainn up and put her on his ATV, according to WKBN.

"She was laying there still," Sutton told WFMJ. "I thought the worst but I yelled her name, and she poked her head up and opened her eyes, so I was elated to know she was alive. 

"I bent down to pick her up, and she reached for me and was crying. I picked her up and put her on the four-wheeler until I could get help out there."

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Rainn was later transported by ambulance to St. Joseph Hospital accompanied by FBI agents, WKBN reported. Though it’s unclear where Rainn went for nearly 48 hours, authorities are currently investigating the matter.

Before Rainn was found, Trumbull County Sheriff Thomas Altiere said he didn’t find any signs of foul play, according to Christian Science Monitor.

Sources: WFMJ (2), WKBN, Christian Science Monitor / Photo Credit: WFMJ, Trumbull County Sheriff via Daily Mail


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