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Miss Utah Contestant Charged for Homemade Bombs (Video)

Kendra Gill, a contestant in the upcoming Miss Utah beauty pageant, has admitted to helping create homemade bombs and throwing them at houses in Riverton, Utah.

Gill and three friends told Riverton police that they bought household chemicals, aluminum foil and plastic bottles to make the homemade bombs (video below).

According to KUTV, the young people admitted to throwing the homemade bombs out of a car on Friday night or early Saturday morning.

No injuries were reported.

Police found four plastic water bottles with remnants of aluminum foil and a chemical substance on roads and driveways, noted The Salt Lake Tribune.

All four 18 year olds were charged with 10 counts each of setting off incendiary devices.

“They can cause injury to somebody just if the chemicals get on somebody, much less the fragmentation of the shrapnel damage that can be caused,” Riverton Unified Fire Authority Capt. Clint Mecham told KUTV.

Gill is the current "Miss Riverton."

Sources: KUTV and The Salt Lake Tribune


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