Miss USA Alyssa Campanella Answers Marijuana Question

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The United States has a new Miss USA. A twenty-one-year-old from California won the crown this weekend in the 60th annual Miss USA pageant in LasVegas. Alyssa Campanella, who won the contest, describes herself as a history buff and a science geek.

During the preliminary round of the question and answer portion of the event all the contestants were asked if evolution should be taught in schools. Campanella said absolutely yes. Then when there were only four girls left vying for the title, they all had tough, live-on-the-air questions that they had to answer.

Miss Tennessee was asked if burning religious documents should be protected as free speech. Miss Texas was asked about the Anthony Weiner scandal, and Alyssa Campanella was asked about the legalization of marijuana. She later said that she thought the question was fair, because she was representing California. Her answer was that she understood why the question would be asked, especially with today’s economy.

She said that she understood that marijuana is important to those that need it medically. She said that she wasn’t sure though, if it should be fully legalized, as it would really affect the drug war. She said that marijuana is abused today and that is the only reason she would be, “kind of a little bit against it.”

She did give medical use a thumbs up though saying that medical use is “okay.” Campanella will now represent the USA in the Miss Universe pageant in Brazil later this year. But, that contest is a bit stacked in our favor. Earth has won every year in the events 60 year history.


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