'Miss New Hampshire USA' Nicole Houde Charged with Domestic Assault for Second Time

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On June 30, Miss New Hampshire USA, 26-year-old Nicole Houde, was arrested for the second time for domestic violence after allegedly beating her new boyfriend.

On April 25, Houde was arrested for attacking her previous boyfriend, Scott Nickerson, who told RadarOnline.com that the beauty queen has a temper after she drinks.

The new boyfriend, who Houde allegedly attacked, was a man whom Nickerson claims she was cheating on him with.

Nickerson told RadarOnline.com: "The public only sees Nicole in her sober state for the most part, so most people she knows think she is an angel beauty queen when in fact she is nothing more than an out of control partier who turns violent and has cheated on me and previous boyfriends and no one realizes this."

"When Nicole starts to drink, especially liquor, she becomes extremely jealous for no reason and then violence ensues. If she doesn't get whatever she is looking for at that moment she begins to fight to get an answer or attention."

After winning Miss New Hampshire in 2010, and losing in the Miss USA pageant, Houde became a personal trainer started a makeup company.

Houde has been charged with domestic assault and violating conditions of her bail, reports The Daily Mail.

She has not gone on trial, yet, for either case.

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