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Miss Delaware Melissa King Turns in Crown Amidst Sex Tape Scandal

Another scandal has rocked the pageant world, as Melissa King, Miss Delaware Teen USA, resigned her crown on Tuesday after being forced to face questions about an online sex video in which she allegedly stars.

"I would like to confirm to you that the Miss Delaware Teen USA pageant has received a resignation letter from Miss King's attorney," pageant spokeswoman Dara Busch wrote in an e-mail this morning.

A pornography website posted a sex video Monday featuring someone that looks and sounds like King. The site goes on to claim that it is Miss Delaware Teen USA.

The video, a recording running just over five minutes, starts with an interview on what appears to be a hotel bed. The woman does not give her name. However, when the man, who is also not shown or identified, interviewing her asks when she turned 18, she says "about three months ago. March."

The interviewer then asks her what made her want to do her first adult video.

"I thought it'd be fun and it sounded like I needed the money," the woman says. "So I just decided to do it."

The interviewer asks additional questions, including if she has a boyfriend, when was the last time she had sex and how old she was the first time she had sex. The woman laughs a little as she answers.

That portion of the interview fades into another set of questions where the interviewer asks her about being a "Miss. A Miss Teen?"

When the woman acts shy to talk about it, he says "I'm not going to say the state or anything. ... You did beauty pageants?"

"I've done them, yes," she says.

While King won the Miss Delaware Teen USA title in November, at the time this video was filmed (last summer) she was the reigning Miss Teen Delaware International 2012.

The interviewer then asks her if she has told anyone about doing the video, to which the woman replies, "It's not a big secret. But I didn't tell anybody specifically what I was doing."

Following the interview, the woman and a man, whose face is never seen, perform several different sex acts.

According to the Miss Delaware Teen USA website, Hailey Lawler of the Newark, Del., area is the runner-up.

Source: USA Today


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