Miss Colorado USA Speaks Up for Homeless Animals


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Homelessness can happen to anyone—be it a reigning beauty queen or a sweet family feline. That's the lesson that Blair Griffith, Miss Colorado USA, wants people to learn from her story. Just weeks after winning the Miss Colorado USA crown, Griffith found herself homeless. Her mother had suffered a debilitating heart attack years earlier, and the financial strain of mounting medical bills ultimately cost the Griffiths their home. They were able to move in with a friend, but Griffith's ordeal made her think about people—and animals—trying to survive on the streets.

In an opinion piece she wrote that was printed in Boulder's Daily Camera, Griffith says, "I have been fortunate to be the recipient of many offers of assistance since losing my home, but most of Colorado's homeless animals aren't so lucky. It's them we should feel sorry for. After all, an abandoned dog can't ask to sleep on a friend's couch for a bit, nor can a stray cat apply for social services."

Every day, countless animals find themselves homeless through no fault of their own. If you have the time, energy, and resources, you can help by opening your home to a shelter dog or cat.

Read Blair Griffith's complete opinion piece here.

Written by Michelle Sherrow 


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