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Miss California Carrie Prejean Drops Lawsuit As Sex Tape Emerges

Former Miss California Carrie Prejean, who made headlines earlier this year for proclaiming her opposition to same-sex marriage during the Miss USA Pageant, will not be receiving financial compensation from pageant officials. The New York Daily News reports that Prejean has dropped her million-dollar religious discriminationlawsuit after a pageant lawyer presented a previously unknown sex tape starring none other than Prejean.

According to TMZ, the lawyer showed footage of the tape to Prejean, after which “it took about 15 seconds for Carrie to jettison her demand and essentially walk away with nothing.” TMZ claims to have obtained a copy of the tape months ago, but declined to release it on account of its extremely racy footage. On the tape, Prejean is reported to engage in a solo sex act, though no other specific details are known to the public.

The pageant will now pay approximately $100,000 to Prejean’s lawyers and publicist, but Prejean herself will not be awarded any financial compensation. She is relieved, however, of any financial obligations to pageant organizer K2 Productions, which means that among other things, she will not have to pay the $5,200 for her breast augmentation, for which she was counter-sued.

"We’re so glad to be back in the business of beauty and out of the litigious system that is Carrie Prejean," Keith Lewis, of K2 Productions, told the Daily News. "It’s wonderful to put this behind us."


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